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How to use Safaricom shortcode 23763

The Safaricom shortcode 23763 allows you to quickly access services via SMS by sending certain keywords to the shortcode number 23763. The service is FREE of charge and is accessible 24/7. This shortcode service assumes your mobile number is already registered with us. If not, please contact our customer support team for help.

Pension services accessible via this service

Send the below keywords to 23763 to access the respective pension services:

  1. Activate <set portal PIN> to activate the service e.g. Activate 1234 The member can also activate the service from the Zamara Online Portal.
  2. Accept to accept Zamara’s Terms and Conditions e.g. Accept
  3. Deactivate to deactivate the service e.g. Deactivate
  4. Balance <your portal PIN> to receive your benefits balance via SMS e.g. Balance 1234
  5. Statement <your portal PIN> to receive your member benefits statement via email e.g. Statement 1234
  6. Help <followed by your query> to raise a ticket e.g. Help how do I gift a pension
  7. Claim status <your portal PIN> to view the progress of your withdrawal payment e.g. Claim status 1234
  8. Endorse <your portal PIN> <election ID> <followed by candidate staff number> to endorse that candidate e.g. Endorse 1234 AB5632
  9. Vote <your portal PIN> <election ID> <followed by candidate staff number> to vote for that candidate. If they are more than one candidate, separate their staff numbers with commas without spacing e.g. Vote 1234 101 25685,AB5632
  10. Rate <your portal PIN> <followed by number 1-5> <Optional message> to rate this service with 1 being the least and 5 being the highest e.g. Rate 1234 5 Excellent service

Log in to Zamara Online Portal (crm.zamaragroup.com) to access your account.

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