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How to claim pension benefits

  1. On the member portal menu, click on Pension Withdrawal menu item
  2. Click on Fill Notification of Exit Form button
  3. Confirm your personal details
  4. Under the Benefits Payment Options, check “I have read the benefit options in respect of my benefits from the Fund and hereby select the option indicated below
  5. Select your withdrawal payment option and exit reason
  6. Attach the required supporting documents in PDF format and click Next button to move to the next stage
  7. Provide the bank/registered scheme/registered issuant details where your benefits will be paid/transferred, attach Proof of Bank details in PDF format and click Next button to move to the next stage
  8. Download your Exit Notification Form for signing. Sign in your section as member and get your witness to witness for you as well. Scan the form in PDF format and upload it.
  9. Click on the Submit button to submit your Notification of Exit Form. Upon successful submission, you will be notified on email and on SMS of our receipt of your form and your withdrawal request will be registered on the Benefits Payment Tracker table with a unique withdrawal ID (use this ID for follow up). You can view your form details, your supporting documents and a provisional worksheet by clicking on the View button on Benefits Payment Tracker table under the Action column.

Please note, you can always consult your Zamara Contacts for further information on the withdrawal/retirement options available via their direct contacts provided in the member portal under fund details or via the support contacts below.

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