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How to claim pension benefits

To claim your member benefits, you have to submit a Notification of Exit form and attach the supporting documents required. Submission of Notification of Exit form is a three steps process.

On the member portal, click on Pension Withdrawal menu item then click on Fill Notification of Exit Form button to initiate this process. Follow the below three easy steps to complete your submission.

Step 1: Confirm Personal Details

On this step, you are required to confirm that your Member details are correct. Note that you can edit your details where necessary. You will then select your Reason for Exit then your preferred Benefits Payment Option after which you will attach in PDF format the required Supporting Documents as prompted.
The mandatory documents are:

  1. Your National ID scanned both sides for locals or passport for foreigners
  2. Valid KRA PIN certificate
  3. Employer consent letter for example resignation letter, retirement letter etc.

For Ill-Helath, you are required to provide a medical letter from an approved medical practioner. In the case of Emigration, a proof of permanent change of residence is required.

Step 2: Provide Bank Details

On this step you are required to provide the details to where the payment(s) should be made. For Lump sum payment, kindly provide your bank details and attach a proof of the same in PDF format when prompted. For Income Drawdown, Annuity purchase or Transfer of benefits to another registered pension administator; kindly provide their bank details and attach a proof of the same in PDF format when prompted.

Step 3: Submit Notification of Exit Form

On this step, you are required to provide your e-signature (softcopy signature) and that of your witness in jpg, jpeg or png format. The e-signature must be visible, well cropped on a plain white or transparent background. Upon successful benefits claim submission, an Exit Number shall be generated for your claim. Click on the Proceed button to open the Notification of Exit Form.

Please note, you can always consult your Zamara Contacts for further information on the withdrawal/retirement options available via their direct contacts provided in the member portal under fund details or via the support contacts below.

Log in to Zamara Online Portal (crm.zamaragroup.com) to access your account.

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